OUCH! Genre and Trope etc…

There is always the thinking about things, and the deciding to act  – and then, after that first step there is re-calibration as the view has already changed.

I have been working on the Young Adult series – renamed now as Luckshill Riders – and I have also been doing some catch-up jobs on the websites with Sam at Website Right – GDPR and pop-ups etc that we had tackled before but been reversed when Mum’s illness had stopped me. I changed a few headers and tinkered enough to remind me why it was important to hire Sam – I can do this stuff but I am slow and make mistakes I don’t see for awhile and have to repeat work.

At some point last week after I had been writing the lead magnet novel for Luckshill Riders I wondered what I would write when I finished it in January – I once finished something without the next thing in mind and it seized me up I guess so badly that, what ever it was, has still left this stamp on my mind and once I  start to get near The End of anything the brain starts shouting , ‘what’s next?’

A large amount of editing to get the series published is next – but, having this year written two thrillers and now the YA prequel – and having, in the  2 years before that, been either ‘typing up ‘ or revising without writing anything new – I have the feeling now that I don’t want to go indefinitely without new writing to do – or even an idea from the pile that I start to build.

I laughed.

Next day the feeling had not gone away. I have an ideas box and I ventured into the shipping container and rescued it realising that I have now ticked off so many of the reasons I put ideas in it in the first place that it might be safe to look at it – and my software and process is now capable of having those ideas with me.

I fished out the bits of paper and rounded up the digital files that there were and set up Scrivener, yWriter, Plottr and Scrapple files and Novel Factory for about 6 ideas that roughly form a group of unrelated stand alones unrelated other than rough genre types at any rate – and theme – I can see similarities in theme. I really enjoyed tinkering around with the ideas – LOL went to write this though and realised that this site is for Equestrian Suspense Fiction – my Hacked series – and absolutely none of the stories have horses in! I worked on that all week last week and it is only now I look at this site I realise that – no. No more websites. Not yet. This one needs a tweak if I am to use it for ‘Other Works In Progress’ – that are not Equestrian Suspense Fiction.

So bare with me, or not, this is my writing reality – the more you do the more you realise how much there is to learn and that you can never get it right – you can only decide where you want to go, act towards that goal and then look at the view from that action – and decide what to do next. The view from The End is always different than you expect and my ‘what next’ being triggered near the end is  not entirely helping me … More thinking required 🙂