Back to Hacked Off – briefly.

If I finish this – then what?

In this case, I wanted to get back to the Young Adult Series, but the Editor’s report I’d had on my desk – since before Mum went into hospital – related to Hacked Off the first in the series that I had just completed. The YA is also in second draft – but been untouched for three years due to the open house surgery. I decided to look at the Editor’s feed back as it was the only feed back I had for any of my work and I had specifically asked her for line edit help and punctuation and grammar on a short bit – I realised if I didn’t rewrite at least a portion of it  in view of that and resubmit it to her I would learn little and might repeat mistakes.

Eileen was just launching her own fabulous books but very kindly agreed to check the small bit I chose – the Prologue – actually working on the document with her comments was different from just reading them through and I re wrote based on her advice. Having done that I sent it back to her and put the whole Hacked series away.

In due course I got another report back from her, pleased with the changes and also that brought up a couple of story level ideas – which I had been thinking about and they clicked into place – for next time – when ever that may be as I am not now going to be working on this project until ‘Quest ‘ is ‘out there’.

I’ll take forward Eileen’s comments to the rest of my work and what ever comes next 🙂