Business Open Hitting Ground Running…

Busy, Busy, Busy And Reflecting…

Maintaining momentum from the EU Christmas present over VAT. Started getting  Allington I.P business Partnership organised – bank and Accountant meetings etc last week and this week I have set Bridport Radio’s Damon Allen to work on shifting my free site on WP – to self hosted – and to changing the Domain name to something more search engine friendly.

I have yet to do more than lay out my files on the window sill for continuing HA – but the fact is the last two years I have been operating with the thought I my head that the business structure – that I’d had in mind when I set out to do this  – had been stopped by the EU and VAT MOSS. The dice rolled again though in the Game of Life and I landed on a ladder this time – one that by-passed that old snake in my path – Fear. I realised I have kept going the last two years – even though I did not believe I could get around the snake – and looking back at my writing journals – I do not know what kept me standing here – but here I am – humbled yesterday by reading ‘a note to my future self’ written in one journal –

‘Please, please – don’t give up MC.’

It was pretty strange seeing it – and as an advert for journalling it comes pretty high on the list of reasons to do so  – I don’t know the future – I have never regretted the time spent following my dreams – but may be I had stopped feeling glad that I kept going – as if I had given everything up I could and still not turned the page – if one day other folk read my books – I hope they take away some strength to carry on in their lives against their odds –  and the advice to ‘write it down and write it out…’ because when you look back at it you will realise – as I did – just how far you have already come and against what odds you have already stood and survived – and that gives you strength to move on again.


Last Post of 2017 :)…

Christmas Eve 2017…

Best present ever for my writing was a beep on Face Book alerting me to a post from a Digi Vat group who had bee lobbying hard for the intro of a Digital VAT threshold for new business/ micro business as for tax – I had become despondent especially following the BREXIT shenanigans that this would ever be introduced – which had severely reduced my enthusiasm for starting to sell the books as the responsibility and paper work was enormous – and different for tax.

This is now not the case a threshold is in place and will be in force 2019 in time for incorporation to UK Law and up to 10K Euro and a lower level of record keeping up to 100K Euro. Tax and Vat are both likely to be done 1/4ly soon and I feel that NOW is the time to set up the bank accounts and partnership with my husband – early 2018 I will be setting these up – and have realised that after I finish the first draft of HA I will make a start editing the short stories – using the reports from Eileen Mueller that she did for HO – so I have email list building give-away products- and practice for formatting and covers – due to Mark Dawson’s bonus on Adds For Authors -a discount on Book Funnel – I can now set my goal for the end of 2018 to be the availability of those products at work collecting email via Book Funnel.

Progress 2017

Hacked Off was given a first Edit by Editor Eileen Mueller in NZ and a read through by her. This was a first for me – first time anyone has read any of my fiction and first Editor read through and feed back. I haven’t been put off – far from it 🙂

Progress 2017

Hacked Apart is first on the To Do list in the new year to finish the First Draft – I have new layers to weave in at story level and then push on to the end of the story.

Progress 2017

I am collecting additional plot layers as I write the First Draft of HA – I aim to get cracking on the First Draft of H2B when I have finished HA and edited the short story material that will act as list building material for this series.

2017 has been a fantastic year for me

And for both my pen names – and I have made huge leaps forward in spite of lack of confidence or proof of ability in terms of products available to sell.

Tash, in the moonlight – my writing companion 2017.


Bring on 2018 – Cheers – 🙂


Tinkering About and Other Pastimes

The WIP…

Is layering up nicely – specifically the front end intro of the girls and the gang to mix with my new characters in Luckswell, Beliver and Ridge – and I am just about to bring on the horses 🙂 (Which is as close to riding as I will get for a few months over winter as we are bogged in already.)

Of course, in story time it is Easter and trouble is brewing. Leo de Wolfe is stirring the pot from afar to get his revenge – at any price – and those still suffering from being collateral damage are now legitimate targets sitting between him and his birthright.


The observant may notice the Domain change – the Hosting has also moved – one extreme to another – global company to a real person living within range. So far so good – I dare say I will keep on trying to work things out as I go along  – and sometimes I will screw up – and then it is nice to know there is someone in my timezone I can call and their workweek is likely to flow simultaneously with mine.

The dark evenings are also seeing me dusting off the exercise bike to peddle away on while studying the range of courses and materials I seem to have impulse bought in the hopes they would come in handy later – and now they have 🙂

First Editor Reports and on Writing On…

This spring, 2017, I finished as much revision of the first of the Hacked series as I could and sent bits of it off to an Editor – in New Zealand – I think the approach of the further away the better worked very well and I hope she is booked again for August 2017 for a read through re the structure.

Meanwhile, I am First Drafting the second and third in that series – I hope to be finished by this summer’s end as I need at least 15 months to get the Young Adult ‘Quest’ series rolling out of the door ( under pen name Alex Allington) before Christmas 2018 and there is a lot of work to do there 🙂

I have been tinkering with the titles of the Hacked series which have the working names of Hacked Off, Hacked Apart and Hacked To Bits – ‘Hacked ‘ may be hard to search for and give misleading results  so I am leaning towards  Trojan Horse and Stalking Horse for books two and three respectively as they can be tied into the plot and are more easily identified as Equestrian Suspense fiction – TBH I have forgotten the new name for what is now Hacked Off – and if I have forgotten it then it must have been pretty bad!!!  I think it was Crazy Horse which is a bit misleading as to the content –  and the other was Hobby Horse which I am not that excited about – but it ties in with the dreadful and derogatory equestrian term ‘Happy Hacker’ to denote a horse hobbiest –  from which my original titles came from… and also where one of my reasons for writing these books in the first place sprang from.

The reason I ride and the reason I write is to escape. 🙂