Last Post of 2017 :)…

Christmas Eve 2017…

Best present ever for my writing was a beep on Face Book alerting me to a post from a Digi Vat group who had bee lobbying hard for the intro of a Digital VAT threshold for new business/ micro business as for tax – I had become despondent especially following the BREXIT shenanigans that this would ever be introduced – which had severely reduced my enthusiasm for starting to sell the books as the responsibility and paper work was enormous – and different for tax.

This is now not the case a threshold is in place and will be in force 2019 in time for incorporation to UK Law and up to 10K Euro and a lower level of record keeping up to 100K Euro. Tax and Vat are both likely to be done 1/4ly soon and I feel that NOW is the time to set up the bank accounts and partnership with my husband – early 2018 I will be setting these up – and have realised that after I finish the first draft of HA I will make a start editing the short stories – using the reports from Eileen Mueller that she did for HO – so I have email list building give-away products- and practice for formatting and covers – due to Mark Dawson’s bonus on Adds For Authors -a discount on Book Funnel – I can now set my goal for the end of 2018 to be the availability of those products at work collecting email via Book Funnel.

Progress 2017

Hacked Off was given a first Edit by Editor Eileen Mueller in NZ and a read through by her. This was a first for me – first time anyone has read any of my fiction and first Editor read through and feed back. I haven’t been put off – far from it ๐Ÿ™‚

Progress 2017

Hacked Apart is first on the To Do list in the new year to finish the First Draft – I have new layers to weave in at story level and then push on to the end of the story.

Progress 2017

I am collecting additional plot layers as I write the First Draft of HA – I aim to get cracking on the First Draft of H2B when I have finished HA and edited the short story material that will act as list building material for this series.

2017 has been a fantastic year for me

And for both my pen names – and I have made huge leaps forward in spite of lack of confidence or proof of ability in terms of products available to sell.

Tash, in the moonlight – my writing companion 2017.


Bring on 2018 – Cheers – ๐Ÿ™‚