Tinkering About and Other Pastimes

The WIP…

Is layering up nicely – specifically the front end intro of the girls and the gang to mix with my new characters in Luckswell, Beliver and Ridge – and I am just about to bring on the horses 🙂 (Which is as close to riding as I will get for a few months over winter as we are bogged in already.)

Of course, in story time it is Easter and trouble is brewing. Leo de Wolfe is stirring the pot from afar to get his revenge – at any price – and those still suffering from being collateral damage are now legitimate targets sitting between him and his birthright.


The observant may notice the Domain change – the Hosting has also moved – one extreme to another – global company to a real person living within range. So far so good – I dare say I will keep on trying to work things out as I go along  – and sometimes I will screw up – and then it is nice to know there is someone in my timezone I can call and their workweek is likely to flow simultaneously with mine.

The dark evenings are also seeing me dusting off the exercise bike to peddle away on while studying the range of courses and materials I seem to have impulse bought in the hopes they would come in handy later – and now they have 🙂