First Editor Reports and on Writing On…

This spring, 2017, I finished as much revision of the first of the Hacked series as I could and sent bits of it off to an Editor – in New Zealand – I think the approach of the further away the better worked very well and I hope she is booked again for August 2017 for a read through re the structure.

Meanwhile, I am First Drafting the second and third in that series – I hope to be finished by this summer’s end as I need at least 15 months to get the Young Adult ‘Quest’ series rolling out of the door ( under pen name Alex Allington) before Christmas 2018 and there is a lot of work to do there 🙂

I have been tinkering with the titles of the Hacked series which have the working names of Hacked Off, Hacked Apart and Hacked To Bits – ‘Hacked ‘ may be hard to search for and give misleading results  so I am leaning towards  Trojan Horse and Stalking Horse for books two and three respectively as they can be tied into the plot and are more easily identified as Equestrian Suspense fiction – TBH I have forgotten the new name for what is now Hacked Off – and if I have forgotten it then it must have been pretty bad!!!  I think it was Crazy Horse which is a bit misleading as to the content –  and the other was Hobby Horse which I am not that excited about – but it ties in with the dreadful and derogatory equestrian term ‘Happy Hacker’ to denote a horse hobbiest –  from which my original titles came from… and also where one of my reasons for writing these books in the first place sprang from.

The reason I ride and the reason I write is to escape. 🙂